Thursday, 16 September 2010

To get a degree or not?

They say getting a degree will enhance your chances of getting a job in your chosen area, so...

..Hey, why not get a degree?
- Get into masses of debt.
- Do loads of work.
- Spend hours stressing over work and deadlines.
- Drink 30 times your own weight in kick or equivalent (not red bull because you cant afford it as your a student).
- If your lucky..Possibly listen to some of the dullest lectures ever.
- Hand in all your work on time then wait 3 years, 1 if your lucky, to get anything back.

And then....?
Try to get a job in your chosen area and NOTHING, ZILCH, BUGGER ALL....go on the doll or work at mcdonalds.
Thats your options....apply and apply and apply, as much as you want but sweet f.a. will happen.

The truth is out there people...

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